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Music Instructor from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

Clef Music Studio offers comprehensive piano lessons and classical music instruction in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. Our music instructor takes the time to build the confidence of each student and help them in areas where they are personally struggling.

We teach the basics for beginners—reading music, playing rhythms accurately, and mastering the feel of a keyboard without watching your hands as well as using correct fingering. We also know how to instruct and build upon the current skills of an adult or experienced student.
Piano, Piano Lessons from Bethel Park, PA
Playing before an audience is an important part of a well-rounded musician. Recitals build poise, confidence, and maturity. Memorizing music is another step in a student's growth and education. All performing students will be asked to memorize their composition.

Tuition is based on a monthly fee that is paid in advance. This provides for the 30-minute weekly lesson
regardless of there being 4 or 5 lessons within a particular month. A contract is not required, and there is no enrollment fee. Schedule an interview with us today.

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